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by Singadream

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In this Songbag every track has a different musical style.Spectrum of themes: humorous to spiritual.


released June 7, 2014

Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Steven Lange
Electric Guitar and Arrangements: Niko Bartels
Album Picture: Hannelore Lange


all rights reserved



Singadream Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Fields of Peace
Fields of Peace

1. You guide my steps along the shore
Where waters refresh my feet;
Changing colors of the sky
Make this moment complete.

You put a longing in my heart,
Narrow alleys I leave behind;
From the reaches of the sea
I hear a voice divine.

Prison walls stood in my mind,
Now comes my release;
You will show me where to find
Open fields of peace.

2. Fears that try to weigh me down,
You teach me to let go;
All my worries, one by one,
Into the waves I throw.

In parting I know something's changed
I have breathed in endless space;
I take your gift along my way,
I know how freedom tastes.

Words and Music by Steven Lange © 2012
Track Name: Look Like Romeo
Look like Romeo

1) When they told me about you, it was much too late,
They told me at nine o’clock, but I met you at eight,
They say you turn so many heads, you always play with men,
But I like the way you play with me, so won’t you start all over again?
I might not look like Romeo, but forsooth Juliet,
Let me try out for the role, it’s a move you won’t regret.

2) They say you’re lookin’ for a big fish and not small fry like me,
Like a multi-millionaire or some Old World royalty,
At the very least a Nobel winner or a movie star,
They say you don’t want a small town guy who plays a banged-up old guitar. (Ref.)

3) So many good reasons to stop playin’ the fool,
So many good teachers, but I just quit school,
They can wag their tongues all day, if that’s their kind of fun,
But the only vote that counts is yours, and that adds up to one.

Words and Music by Steven Lange © 2009
Track Name: Inside My Life
Inside My Life

1. Never found the package or the guarantee
Don't believe I get another one for free
Inside my life, no other one to claim
Inside my life, too good to spend in chains.

Years I drifted, wandering through the haze,
Now the fog has lifted, I'm stepping into clear days.

2. I have found a treasure no one can steal
A world alive with all I think and feel
Inside my life, each sweet and bitter taste
Inside my life, too good to go to waste.

Fears unspoken tied me to the past
Now the spell is broken
I see my way at last

3. Nearer than my breathing, deep inside
The power that made the universe resides
Inside my life, new steps I dare to take
Inside my life, not just for my sake.

Words and Music by Steven Lange ©2012
Track Name: Strength to Walk
The Strength to Walk

1. My strength is fading, ebbing away,
I am so feeble I can barely stand
I am slipping, nowhere to hold on,
So stretch out your mighty hand!

Give me the strength to walk through this trial,
The strength to walk for another mile,
On pathways you alone know,
I’ll walk in peace where calm waters flow.

2. Lift me up, Lord, from this fall
Be near me in my hour of need,
Things I cling to, help me let go
To follow where you lead.

3. Come, touch my spirit, relieve my fears,
I need Your light to find my way;
I cannot store one ray for tomorrow
So lead me through this day!

© Words and Music by Steven Lange 2011
Track Name: Rambling Along the Shore
Rambling Along the Shore

1. Rambling along the shore watching the day roll in,
On the chilly early morning breeze,
Guess those dreams got lost out in the waves again,
The breakers roll them round just like they please

Take this haze from my eyes,
Comfort me with the dawn of day;
I wanna see the dolphins play

2. Just a few more hours and I’ll be on my way
Leavin’ sand castles behind,
There’s no bridge that takes me back to yesterday
When it takes possession of my mind.

Words and Music by Steven Lange © 2004
Track Name: This Old Crocodile
This Old Crocodile

1. Sweet spot on the river bank,
Fish swim near the land,
Heads bob in the water
Tails touch the sand;
Think I’m gonna make my move
In a little while,
Time to find a slower groove
For this old crocodile.
2. Drop stones on a hollow log,
Time to sound the drum,
Spread the word through the swamp,
Gather old and young;
A grand buffet, the river’s best,
We’ll celebrate in style,
‘Cause there’s still a spark of zest
In this old crocodile.
3. Guests pack up and say goodbye,
We’re still goin’ strong,
And this crocodile tune,
Has me hummin’ along;
Finest friend I ever found,
Still gives me a smile,
Say you’ll always hang around
With this old crocodile.

© Words and Music by Steven Lange
Track Name: Top of the Moon
Make Your Home on Top o' the Moon

1) There are no cats on the moon, indeed,
But don't believe it's cold and bare,
There's all the cheese a mouse can eat,
You'll never see a mousetrap there.

See the world’s loveliest face
From our home on top o' the moon,
They'll wish they were in our place,
Sing us sweet sentimental tunes.

2) Owls on the moon fly off-balance
And if one should try to strike,
And grab us with his deadly talons
He'd hit the moon like a meteorite


3) We won't be hunted on the farm
We'll have no nest of mouldy hay,
We'll weave a blanket to keep us warm
With starlight from the Milky Way.

See the world’s loveliest face
From our home on top o' the moon,
They'll wish they were in our place
And sing us sweet sentimental tunes.

Words and Music by Steven Lange © 2004

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